Offline resources

Offline resources locate in the folder "sitecache". With the option "use offline resources" enabled, the corresponding files in "sitecache/[domain name]/[full path including filename, the url path part]" are loaded first before reaching the network.

bingChat UI

Install bingChat UI ai.html for censored area (bingChat UI)

Install bingWrite UI write.html for censored area (bingWrite)

Install bingAI image creator UI draw.html for censored area (bingAI image creator)

Serverless local sites

Click to install url service that extracts web apps to the folder "sitecache/local/": support web extensions (.crx for chrome & .xpi for firefox).

Any folder under "sitecache" can be visited as a local site. Urls with search queries can be dynamically processed by the js/wasm code in the local file.

PWAs (Progresssive Web Applications) and some web extensions (.crx for chrome & .xpi for firefox) are just packaged websites. Ex. the "kiwix" extension can be extracted to the folder "sitecache/local/kiwix"1, then the kiwix extension can be accessed via url "https://local/kiwix/www/index.html" in the browser.

  1. the folder name "local" is used as the domain name in the url. ↩︎

Last Modified: 9 May 2023
fix bingAI draw